Web & Game Design & Programming Volunteer Teacher

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Web & Game Design & Programming Volunteer Teacher

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Web & Game Design & Programming Volunteer Teacher
As a programming volunteer you will be teaching at-risk-kids living in underprivileged circumstances how to computer program and to code. Our goal is to to equip students with the skills they’ll need for the future workplace.

This is an important role. There are more vacancies in IT then in any other profession. Technology is the future. And we believe that Computer Skills, Web and Game Design are essential skills for our kids.

Group size: max 10. Age of students: 10-18 years.
What we offer you:
Volunteering in this precarious setting is a great way to give to the children and help them to develop new and essential skills! You will be trained in Positive Discipline by the EduMais founder Diana Nijboer (Certified Positive Discipline Classroom and Parents Educator). You will make new friends, gain a wonderful opportunity to give and learn.
We will provide help with orientation and accommodation in Rio de Janeiro. And of course: At the end of your volunteering period you will receive a recommendation letter.
Kids on laptops learning web design in Rio de Janeiro

​Find out more:
A typical day as
a teacher at EduMais ​
Conduct lessons based on the material from Level Up Village
Prepare lesson plans based on the chosen objective of the course
Teach how to program and how to solve problems
Teach how to build apps
Teach how to create a game
Teach how to create Minecraft Mods
Teach how to work together in creative ways
Bachelor degree Engineering Informatics
Intermediate level of Portuguese
Creative communication skills with limited English Speakers
Preferably experience working with underprivileged young people
Time commitment:
10 hours per week

Days of the week:
Flexible (working days & weekends)

Minimum 3 months, preferable longer
Become part of the EduMais Family!
Volunteer with us and apply for a position as a Web & Game Design/IT Volunteer teacher! Within your application please include your CV and a letter of motivation.

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